Every day, our public servants come to work to provide excellent service – to make a difference. They want to work together better, be more effective, and more efficient. They want to deliver a great experience to every customer. 

Founded in 2018, The Missouri Way was an in-person, three-day event, which taught attendees valuable skills in Lead Self, Lead Others, and Lead Change. The program trained more than 2,000 leaders from across the State before moving to a virtual format during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The people of Missouri expect their state government to be as reliable and responsive as any other organization. The Governor and cabinet members are committed to meeting their high expectations. 

Team members at all levels play a critical role in this continuous improvement approach. The Missouri Way training series was established to equip our team members with tools and techniques to become the best public servants possible and to drive change for the citizens of Missouri.

The Missouri Way objectives are to:

Accelerate participants’ professional growth by building skills to lead self, lead others, and lead change.

Provide department leaders the skills and shared understanding needed to improve team performance and cultivate a strong, positive work environment.

Develop needed skills amongst team members across the State of Missouri to improve government performance.

Having completed The Missouri Way in-person program, attendees will have developed competency in interpersonal skills, communication, trust building, organizational change, and continuous improvement.

Missouri Way Outcomes:

  • Leverage the DISC assessment and other behavioral tools to better understand their
    own and team members’ interpersonal interaction needs.
  • Create cohesive and dynamic teams through regular coaching and feedback,
    establish a culture of trust and accountability, and set clear expectations.
  • Support initiatives by utilizing new strategies and problems solving skills to continue
    to improve our service to the people of Missouri.

The Missouri Way is now a one-day immersive training experience, streamlined to fit your needs as a leader in our State. Core components of the original program are incorporated throughout the curriculum, and attendees will find new approaches to learning within each module.

This Missouri Way Training Series incorporates approaches proven successful in other high performing organizations in both the public and private sectors, all tailored to our unique leadership challenges.