"Change takes hard work and to put others above oneself. You will have to change... If you want to reform state government — if you want to make it better — it will be on your shoulders to do that."

- Governor Mike Parson

The Missouri Way

The citizens of Missouri expect their state government to be as reliable and responsive as any other organization. They set the bar high. The Governor and his Cabinet team are committed to meeting the high expectations of the citizens of Missouri have for their government.

Every day, public servants in all our 16 executive departments come to work to do just this - to make a difference. Every day, they want to work together better. They want to be more effective and efficient. They want to deliver a great experience to every citizen.

Our leaders at all levels play a critical role in this continuous improvement approach. We therefore need to equip our leaders with tools and techniques to become the best leaders possible and to drive change for the citizens of Missouri.

The Missouri Way program is established to do just that. The program is an essential part of the State of Missouri’s plan to improve its performance and work environment. It is an intensive 3-day training program. It is designed to introduce senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and other emerging leaders to tools and approaches to solve basic management challenges and improve their team’s performance. The sessions will involve a mix of classroom instruction with individual and group exercises.

This Missouri Way management program incorporates approaches proven successful in other high performing organizations in both the public and private sectors, and then tailored to our unique management challenges.

The Missouri Way objectives are:

  • For participants: accelerate their professional growth through individual leadership development, building new skills to lead others and lead change
  • For their departments: give leaders the skills and shared understanding to improve their department’s performance and work environment
  • For the State of Missouri: develop networks of leaders from all departments that can learn from one another and improve government performance for our citizens

The Missouri Way is being established as a regular part of our leadership development across the state government. The first Missouri Way class was held August 21-23, 2018. The State of Missouri will hold trainings approximately every 90 days thereafter. The State’s goal is to train 1000 managers in The Missouri Way by the end of 2019.

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