1. Personality and leadership style
  2. Time management
  3. Continuous improvement
  4. Project management

1. Personality and leadership style:

Self-awareness is important to your impact. Knowing your own personality, leadership style, and how you communicate will improve the way you work with others.

For you: You each completed the DISC survey during The Missouri Way. Below are a few resources to help you understand and reflect on your results.

For your team: If you would like to arrange DISC surveys for your team, please complete the following excel template and send to  We will then follow up with you regarding the implementation of the survey.  It normally takes about 4-6 weeks from launch of a survey until people have completed it and received their 360 feedback.

2. Time management:

Your time is your most precious resource as a leader. Many leaders feel they do not manage their time well. A first step in solving this problem is getting the facts of how you are really spending your time.

Here is a simple excel tool to help you track and categorize your time. Modify the categories to fit your situation. Track how you spend your time in 15 minute blocks for a week or two. Then ask yourself: am I really spending enough time on my highest priorities?

3. Continuous improvement:

We can get better every day – individually and in our teams.  Here are some of the tools introduced during The Missouri Way.

4. Project Management:

Developing and delivering an initiative – especially complex ones involving multiple actors – a requires project management. Project management cannot be left to luck, gut, or chance: complex initiatives involve too many moving parts and interdependencies to be managed informally across multiple players. Instead, project management requires clear definition of scope, success, accountabilities, stakeholders, key activities and milestones, performance measures & targets, and risks, and then rigorous, fact-based management of the initiative.