The Missouri Way advanced management program is building a common approach to leading change and improving performance across the State of Missouri government.

The proposal to launch a “Missouri Way” training program emerged from the work of the employee-led Leadership Academy Working Group. This working group included representatives from all 16 executive departments. It completed its report in March 2018, after an intensive “sprint” to assess the state of Missouri’s current leadership development landscape, identify best practices from other organizations, and develop its recommendations. See here for a copy of its report.

The working group concluded that leadership and training priorities are not consistent across agencies and that the State of Missouri had neglected leadership development for too long. The working group, therefore, recommended the State of Missouri invest in a set of leadership development and training programs. The Missouri Way program is an important way to help address that gap.

Starting in January 2019, graduation from the program will be required for any candidate for the Missouri Leadership Academy.